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Title: The Blame Game

Pairing(s): Kyuhyun & Sungmin (KyuMin), Minor/Fluffy(maybe)!EunHae)

Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama.

Warning(s): None

Rating: PG (may later become fluff/smut I'm not sure how brave I'll feel)

Summary: Eight years ago, it had been the worst summer of Sungmin's life, which lead to an incident that made Kyuhyun swear to be Sungmin's enemy for as long as they both should live. The reason Sungmin doesn't quite know. However, soon after Kyuhyun moved away which made Sungmin completely forget about the incident. He pushed it back so far in his mind, that he doesn't even know why he recognizes the name Kyuhyun when the same person from eight years before moves back and joins his class. This begins the enemies relationship as Sungmin still fails to remember what caused Kyuhyun's hatred to build up so much.

Hopefully this chapter is a bit more interesting and it feels like the story is actually going somewhere... hopefully. Let me know if it feels rushed or whatever. It's also a ickle bit short, (two pages on word).

Been busy with work lately, so updates may be slower. 

(Sidenotes: They attend and all boys boarding school.Sungjin is older than Sungmin. ALSO I've never written a fanfic before, let alone a chaptered one, it has also been about two years since I've written anything. So stick around maybe and it could get better thanks again).

Chapter 8

“Appa” Sungmin groaned, a tear from the corner of his eye making its course down his cheek. He opened his eyes to see a snoring Donghee in a deep sleep the only movements made were to scratch his face.

Sungmin turned around onto his back and wipe the wet patch by his eyes and on his cheek, he sighed heavily as he turned his head to look at the clock. He was up too early once again, he rolled over as he sat up on the edge of the bed rubbing the crick in his neck.

He stood up and made his way out of the room.
“Sungmin-hyung?” he heard a mumbled voice as he exited Donghee’s room. He looked in the direction it came from and saw a sleepy looking Hyukjae shuffling his way up the dorm corridor, and rubbing his eyes “is that you?”
“Mhmm” Sungmin hummed confirming his presence, with a somewhat puzzled look on his face “why are you awake?… It’s nearly five in the morning” he started walking towards Hyukjae.
“I just got in, I stayed at Donghae’s last night” he stated calmly, still in his sleepy state.
“You did? Did you?” he said raising his eyebrows.
“It’s not like that hyung” Hyukjae quickly replied shooting his head, all the more awake “we just spent time together, it was late and I ended up falling asleep” he said blushing slightly “we’re…”
“Not like that…I know” Sungmin interrupted putting an arm around Hyukjae’s shoulder and walking in the direction of Hyukjae’s room.
Hyukjae still felt he needed to clarify his innocence so he carried on “I knew I had to be here at six today for dance practice. So I left early, that‘s why I‘m here at this time”
Once there he opened the door and pushed Hyukjae into the room gently “go to sleep, I’ll see you in a few hours”.

Sungmin sighed once more and shook his head; he carried on wandering the corridors. Thoughts filling his mind, mainly of his father. He regretted not being able to remember much about his Dad, he felt he had missed out on moments he could’ve shared with his Dad. But the main feeling that felt heavy in his heart was guilt. The guilt of forgetting his own fathers death, made him feel somewhat sick in the stomach. The lump built in his throat and once more the tears collecting slowly in the corners of his eyes.

“Sungmin-ssi” Someone whispered.
Sungmin looked up the tears still collecting, he wiped them immediately as he saw Kyuhyun.
“Are you okay?” Kyuhyun asked, the concern clear in his voice.
“Just peachy” Sungmin replied as he hurried his way past Kyuhyun.
Kyuhyun turned and grabbed Sungmin’s wrist “that’s a lie”.
“Look Kyuhyun… it’s my family matter” Sungmin told him looking away.
“You remembered your Father?” Kyuhyun asked, regretting it straight away. He let go of Sungmin’s wrist.

Sungmin turned around to face him “h-how do you know about my Appa?” his brow creasing.
“Look Sungmin, it doesn’t matter” Kyuhyun said hurriedly, stuttering slightly.
“But it does, how did you know?” Sungmin was trying to rush him.
“It doesn’t matter” Kyuhyun said again back away slightly.
Sungmin then grabbed Kyuhyun’s wrist “just tell me” he ordered.
“Because I know your family” Kyuhyun admitted “I’ve met your Father before, and your mother… and…” he shut his eyes as if it were difficult to say “Su-Sungjin” he finally managed.
Sungmin’s confusion read clearly on his face, they were both silent.
“I’ll see you later” Kyuhyun said quickly before breaking Sungmin’s grasp and walking away quickly.

“How has he met them already?” Sungmin thought to himself, he shut his eyes tight as to attempt to see if he could remember anything. All that came to mind was scenes from a dream he had a few nights previously.
A dream with flames, and an explosion. The helpless, faceless figure crawling towards him.


“Here” Sungmin declared shoving a piece of paper in Kyuhyun’s face.
Kyuhyun went cross eyed, “and what is this?” he said taking the piece of paper and inspecting it.
“Well… now we’re being civil to one another. I thought I’d do the first act of kindness, and compiled a list of some good art books and guides for you to look at. Just you know… to get you through the art project” he smiled as he sat in his usual spot in homeroom.
Kyuhyun nodded, and smiled thankful “that’s really nice of you”.
Sungmin dismissed it with his hand “it’s nothing, I’ve seen your attempts so far Kyuhyun. You need all the help you can get” Sungmin smiled to himself feeling slightly proud that he was better at something than Kyuhyun.
“Oh yeah, Sungmin…” Kyuhyun smirked, and looked at Sungmin.
Sungmin looked at him worried “what?” he questioned.
“I’d get that snoring seen to if I were you, also you really hurt my arm. I couldn’t move it all day” he continued smirking, teasing Sungmin about the night he had fallen asleep on Kyuhyun.
Sungmin blushed slightly “oh right… sorry. I was drunk, I fall asleep and get weird… I didn’t…” he gave Kyuhyun a look.
Kyuhyun shook his head “no… if you did. You’re face wouldn’t look handsome right now” he said looking down at the list Sungmin had made him and smiled.
Sungmin also turned to the front just as Hyukjae walked in at the same time as their homeroom teacher Miss Park.
“Cutting it close Hyukkie” Sungmin told his friend shaking his head in mock disappointment.

Sungmin then turned to look at Kyuhyun “we still need to talk” he whispered, his voice was serious.
This chapter is short. Sorry.

(The events mentioned did not ever happen. I do not own the characters, they are their own persons. I only take credit for the storyline).
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Still going great, kyu and minnie's aquaintanceship is getting cuter and kyuter.
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