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Title: The Blame Game

Pairing(s): Kyuhyun & Sungmin (KyuMin), (Mentioned EunHae)

Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama.

Warning(s): Swearing.

Rating: PG (may later become fluff/smut I'm not sure how brave I'll feel)

Summary: Eight years ago, it had been the worst summer of Sungmin's life, which lead to an incident that made Kyuhyun swear to be Sungmin's enemy for as long as they both should live. The reason Sungmin doesn't quite know. However, soon after Kyuhyun moved away which made Sungmin completely forget about the incident. He pushed it back so far in his mind, that he doesn't even know why he recognizes the name Kyuhyun when the same person from eight years before moves back and joins his class. This begins the enemies relationship as Sungmin still fails to remember what caused Kyuhyun's hatred to build up so much.

Didn't expect to write it this quickly. 

(Sidenotes: They attend and all boys boarding school.Sungjin is older than Sungmin. ALSO I've never written a fanfic before, let alone a chaptered one, it has also been about two years since I've written anything. So stick around maybe and it could get better thanks again).

Chapter 3

“Shit!” Kyuhyun cursed once again, looking under his bed “where is it?” he stood up, grabbing his hair and pulling it “think Kyuhyun, think” he asked himself for the umpteenth time.
His wallet, with all of his identification and a reasonable sum of money had gone missing.
His roommate, Siwon, stared at him over the edge of the book which he was reading, he closed it and looked at his roommate as Kyuhyun started to stamp his feet like a spoilt child and swung his arms about his body, making sobbing noises.
“Hyung” he started as he stood still, looking directly at Siwon, his eyes that of an upset puppy, his bottom lip poking out “can you help me find it?”
“No… you lost it you find it, anyway I had an hour of track and an hour of cardio fitness today. I‘m beat” Siwon refused, but Kyuhyun kept staring at him… With those eyes. Those puppy dog eyes, this made him crack “aish~ you really are burdensome” he accepted defeat, and finally gave in as he grabbed Kyuhyun by the wrist and left their dorm room.
Kyuhyun still had the worried look on his face as he was dragged out of the room “I really can’t remember where I left it”.

They searched through all the classrooms and corridors that Kyuhyun and been in throughout the day, also searching the bathrooms and gymnasium. Nothing.
Kyuhyun felt defeated, as he sat on a windowsill.
“Kyuhyun it’s been like an hour now” Siwon leant against the wall and looked sideways at his friend “is there anywhere else you’ve been today?… Think hard” it was more of a order, than a general enquiry, it was clear that Siwon was tired.
Kyuhyun contorted his mouth to the side in deep thought, it then clicked “library… I went there for the study hour, but it was busy. Someone has probably taken it”
“Well it wouldn’t hurt… much” Siwon stopped before rubbing his calf muscles “to have a quick look I suppose”.
“I’m sorry hyung” Kyuhyun apologised, feeling all the more guilty “you go back to the room, I’ll look in the library and come back, okay?”
Siwon nodded, as he limped slightly as he made his way back to their room.
Kyuhyun jumped from the windowsill, and hurriedly marched himself to the library, determined on finding his wallet. He searched the aisle that he was in previously before he left, because of… that person. He sneered at the thought of Sungmin. The book’s he had left had now been cleared, he hunted through the bookshelves looking between individual books just in case someone had slipped it in between. But still he found nothing.

He exhaled heavily, and groaned “why am I such an idiot?” he scolded himself again.
As he made his way out, even more disappointed, he saw the librarian still there, at her desk staring at her computer in deep thought.
"Maybe" Kyuhyun thought. He doubted his chances, but would try his luck nonetheless. He strolled up to the desk, and leant on it “excuse me” he said.
The librarian looked up and smiled “hello, is there any problem?”
“No… well yeah, I lost a wallet earlier…”
“Name?” she quickly cut him off.
“Ch… Cho Kyuhyun” he stuttered slightly, at being cut off in the middle of his sentence.
“One moment please” she told him as she dug around in her desk drawer, she retrieved something and held it out.
Kyuhyun let out a sigh of relief at the sight of his wallet.
“Someone was kind enough to hand it in… If I remember correctly it was Lee Sungmin. The same year as you” she smiled, as she turned back to face the computer.
“Thank you” Kyuhyun said and bowed before leaving the library, he opened his wallet to see none of his money, bank cards or ID cards had been taken.
He looked at the small picture of him and his sister Ahra, and felt even more relieved that it had not fallen out. He closed it and held it tight, “I should probably thank the bastard for this. I was taught to have good manners. No matter who it is“, he told himself in his head grimacing slightly at the thought of having to be thankful to the one person who he can’t stand.


The following day Sungmin waited in the art room, it was his first art lesson of the new term. He sat at his usual bench, elbow on desk and head in his hand.
This was the only class he didn’t have with Hyukjae or Donghee, and because in the class there was an odd number of people, he was left by himself at the back. He didn’t mind it, he liked to be in his own thoughts, so having someone sitting next to him would probably annoy him since they would probably want to talk all lesson.
He watched the class pile into the classroom, and listened to some of the conversations of his peers. It was the usual, uninteresting conversations, which included talk of their girlfriends or lack of, the talk of homework, and parents.
Sungmin yawned before looking out the window, he watched, what appeared to be the first years doing a run around the field. He smirked, reminiscing a little, remembering his time as a first year and doing the cross country run.

He managed well due to doing martial arts and a lot of sport beforehand, but when a certain childhood friend of his was struggling he slowed up and jogged the rest of the way with him before a Lee Hyukjae, introduced himself. And jogged alongside them, giving words of encouragement. This was their first meeting. His moment of remembrance was interrupted when he heard the teachers voice call out.

“Good morning class!” Sungmin turned to look at the, somewhat eccentric teacher, Mrs Yong, who had decorated herself in so many colours it almost hurt Sungmin’s eyes “we have a new member of our art class everyone, you may have already seen him about. And those in his homeroom class will definitely know. But nonetheless, introduce yourself” she motioned her arms towards the door.
Sungmin begged “please, please, please” he said frantically under his breath. But sunk down into his desk in dismay, as the face he wished not to see stood at front of the class.
“Hello I’m Cho Kyuhyun, for those of you I have not met before. Treat me kindly. I hope we can be friends” he said politely before bowing.
“Lovely” Mrs Yong clapped her hands together “now Kyuhyun-ssi, just go sit at the back please”.
Sungmin had buried his head underneath a book by the time Kyuhyun had reached the unoccupied seat.
“You really are stalking me aren’t you” Kyuhyun smirked.
Sungmin shot up, sending a look of disbelief towards Kyuhyun “I’ve always sat here”.
“Stalking me in advance then” Kyuhyun said, still with that smirk spread across his face, thankful for his quick wit and using a comeback that Sungmin had use the day beforehand.
Sungmin opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out, instead he scowled at the person next to him, he saw Kyuhyun looking back “if you’re going say something snarky or rude, just say it” Sungmin ordered, whilst preparing a comeback.
“Thank you” Kyuhyun said with sincerity, he nodded at Sungmin “I just wanted to say… thank you. For… handing in my wallet” Kyuhyun grimaced slightly, at having to be nice to him.
“Yah!” Sungmin started before he could register what Kyuhyun just said, maybe it’s become a habit “wait… what?”
“You heard me” Kyuhyun said, refusing to repeat it.
“Oh…” Sungmin retrieved back in his seat realising that Kyuhyun had not said anything provoking “it’s not a problem” Sungmin said still shocked at Kyuhyun showing that he did have some manners.
That was the end of their conversation, they continued the rest of the class. Drawing the feature, Mrs Yong had set up in the centre without another word.
He’s a nice guy after all...deep down, Sungmin thought to himself, as he took a glimpse once at the boy sitting next to him.
Hope you didn't build your expectations too high.

(The events mentioned did not ever happen. I do not own the characters, they are their own persons. I only take credit for the storyline).
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