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Title: The Blame Game

Pairing(s): Kyuhyun & Sungmin (KyuMin)

Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama.

Warning(s): None.

Rating: PG (Somewhat Fluffy)

Summary: Eight years ago, it had been the worst summer of Sungmin's life, which lead to an incident that made Kyuhyun swear to be Sungmin's enemy for as long as they both should live. The reason Sungmin doesn't quite know. However, soon after Kyuhyun moved away which made Sungmin completely forget about the incident. He pushed it back so far in his mind, that he doesn't even know why he recognizes the name Kyuhyun when the same person from eight years before moves back and joins his class. This begins the enemies relationship as Sungmin still fails to remember what caused Kyuhyun's hatred to build up so much.

(Sidenotes: They attend an all boys boarding school.Sungjin is older than Sungmin. ALSO I've never written a fanfic before, let alone a chaptered one, it has also been about two years since I've written anything. So stick around maybe and it could get better thanks again).

Chapter 16

"Lee Sungmin" he heard his name being called in the distance, but the calling became much clearer. He felt a nudge to his side, and looked towards the person who just did it. His face dazed and absent, Donghee looked desperately at him indicated with his eyes to look forward. He did so, to find the short, balding and now red face of the English teacher, Mr Choi, glaring at him.
"What?" Sungmin asked blankly.
"Nice of you to join us Lee Sungmin, now since you obviously know this enough not to pay attention. Could you translate the text into English?" he requested, expecting to humiliate the student.
Sungmin sighed as he stood up, he picked up the book and proceeded to translate it fully into English, much to his teachers irritation.
He shrugged nonchalantly before sitting down. Mr Choi coughed to cover his annoyance, before continuing.

"Nice save in there" Donghee praised Sungmin as they left their English class.
Sungmin laughed a little "I've been reading the book in English" he shrugged "I don't always understand it, but I remembered the passage"
"Half the time I never know what's going on" Donghee admitted "I like stick to things I know".

"Oh yeah… I forgot to ask" Sungmin started "how's things with Nari?"
Donghee shrugged "not too bad, she's stressed at the moment though"
"How come?" Sungmin pondered.
"She's the class representative, and they're holding an 'Autumn Festival' so she has to organize her class's contribution" Donghee told him.
"I see" Sungmin nodded "are we doing one this year?"
Donghee shook his head "I think we're only doing the Christmas Festival this time"
"Hmm…I'd like to go to Nari's school festival, I  haven't been to a good one in a while" Sungmin mused "it'd be fun, and plus it'd give us something to do"
"True" Donghee agreed "anyway this is me" he said indicating to his separate classroom, hugging Sungmin "I'll see you at lunch".
"Sure thing" Sungmin nodded.

As he made his own way to his class, Sungmin was left in his own thoughts once again. Which was never a good thing, for anybody. His head started to hurt, caused by his confusion and the stress it was putting on him.

Throughout the remainder of the day Sungmin's head was always somewhere else, even if he joined in the conversations between him and his friends. He was never really there to begin with. And with that Friday rolled on drearily for Sungmin, as he mentally and physically prepared himself for Saturday.


"Sungmin sweetie" Sungmin's mother called her youngest son from across the plaza waving as he caught sight of her.
Sungmin grinned and hurried toward her "eomma" he said as he hugged his mother.
"How's school?" Mrs Lee asked, as she wrapped an arm around her son's shoulder leading the way through the plaza.
Sungmin smiled, happy to have his mother smiling again "it's going well, can't complain… too much" he giggled.
"That's what I like to hear" Mrs Lee smiled widely.

Although Sungmin looked a lot more like his father, he did inherit his mothers child-like eyes that gleamed whenever a smile would appear, this made her seem so much younger than she really was.

"How was Sungjin?" Mrs Lee asked looking down a little before straight at her son "did you see him?".
Sungmin nodded "yeah… and surprisingly, it wasn't as awkward as I anticipated" he felt his mother squeeze him slightly, clearly pleased her son's were once more getting along with one another "Sungjin didn't tell you?" Sungmin questioned, knowing that Sungjin calls their mother everyday.
She giggled a bit "of course he did" she admitted "I just wanted to hear you say it as well, Sungjin could've been sugar coating to make me feel better".
Sungmin nodded knowingly, his mother was the worrying sort "we got along fine, no arguments. I promise"
"I believe you" she smiled kindly "now…" she started clapping her hands together, scrunching her face slightly in thought "I've some news… I've been promoted"
Sungmin's face lit up as he hugged his mum "congrats" he said beaming.
"This means, I can treat you today. Anything you want…" Mrs Lee smiled at the proud look on her sons face "within reason of course. But I feel like I haven't treated you enough in the past…"
"'s okay, I don't mi-" Sungmin started before being stopped by his mother.
"I know you don't mind, but I need to treat you. You deserve something for once, we've all been through hell, but since Sungjin's acci-" she stopped "you know… I feel like you've been pushed back a little bit".
Sungmin nodded once in understanding "sure… okay then. Thanks" he smiled, as he linked arms with his mother and lead the way through the market and town.

The afternoon went on surprisingly well and quite frankly Sungmin loved every minute of it. It had been a while since him and his mother had enjoyed each others company in a very long time, as any conversation would usually end in an argument, especially when Sungjin lived with them.
Even though he would never have admitted it, all Sungmin wanted was to be accepted, acknowledged and accounted for by both his mother and his brother. Now, that need has been fulfilled he hopes that his family can feel like a family once again.

"I love you" Mrs Lee cooed, as she squished her son's face between her palms in front of his school.
"Loff-oo-too" Sungmin said, as his face was being squished. His mother finally let go "Love you too" he said clearly this time.
"I'll see you soon" she said, hugging him once more "take care, be good and do your homework"
"I promise" Sungmin assured her, as she made her way to her car waving as she drove off. Sungmin stood waving as she went from his view, he turned around to walk toward the school before receiving a text. He took his phone out of his pocket and opened it, seeing that it was from Kyuhyun:

<center>Meet me in the cafeteria, we'll go to the river from there</center>

He shoved his phone back in his pocket, and made his way - albeit slowly - to the cafeteria to find Kyuhyun waiting by the doors. He nodded his head at Sungmin, "you ready?" he asked pushing himself off from the wall.

Sungmin had a quick look down himself to check he was appropriately dressed, which he was this time. The weather was much colder now than it had been.
"Lets go then" Kyuhyun said, a large smile spread across his face.


It was almost dark when they made it to the riverbank, Sungmin stood at the edge of the river and took a deep breath whilst shutting his eyes, "it really has been a while" he said as he crouched and picked up a stick proceeding to draw patterns in the water.

Kyuhyun sat down beside him, sitting on an extra raincoat he had brought knowing the ground would be damp, "that's why I wanted to come here" he said with a content face, leaning back "it really does clear your head".

Sungmin threw the stick into the water and sat next to Kyuhyun on the raincoat, he let out a breath again with a hint of a laugh, he nodded "it really is pretty".
Kyuhyun hummed in agreement and shut his eyes taking in the night air.

"The stars are out too" Sungmin said beaming, as he laid down feeling the damp ground beneath him slightly, he reached up a hand and grasped the air.
"What are you doing?" Kyuhyun asked, chuckling slightly.
"Catching stars" Sungmin said casually.
"Any luck?" Kyuhyun decided to play along.
Sungmin shook his head wearing a face of faux-disappointment.
"I'll help" Kyuhyun declared as he laid next to Sungmin and threw his arm in the air, as if he were fishing.
Sungmin nudged him letting out a laugh "you loser".

"How's your ankle?" Kyuhyun questioned, since he hadn't asked since they have returned from Jeju.
Sungmin shrugged "it's okay now, I think it really was just a sprain… thanks again for helping me out" he answered his voice sincere.
"What are friends for?" Kyuhyun replied, turning his head to smile at Sungmin, to which he received a smile back.
Sungmin look at the sky again and laughed to himself.
"What is it?" Kyuhyun asked him.
"Don't you think it's funny…" Sungmin started "it's funny how easily things are forgotten and how easily people forgive, I mean… a few weeks ago. You hated me… wait…you loathed me. Even my existence annoyed you, but… now… we're calling each other friends" he smiled turning his face back to Kyuhyun "it's just odd".
Kyuhyun nodded again "that's true, I'm sorry about that"  he said contorting his mouth to the side.
"Don't be silly" Sungmin laughed, he waved his hand as if to brush the apology aside "I'd probably hate you too… If it were me in your shoes" he admitted, as he stood up and brushed himself off "lets go for a walk, my backside is starting to go numb".

The two walked down the river with very few words spoken between them. Sungmin felt awkward as he wanted to ask Kyuhyun something, just to cure his curiosity, but he would not want to cause offence to him which would ruin the perfect day that he had had. So instead he bit his tongue, and said nothing.

It was Kyuhyun who broke the silence as they neared the bottom of a bridge "this I awkward…what is there to talk about?" he said more to himself.
Sungmin shrugged "I'm not sure either".
"How about a game?" Kyuhyun mused, his face lighting up.
Sungmin nodded in agreement "sure that could be fun" they sat underneath the bridge, luckily the concrete slabs were clean and dry so they could sit across from each other, also the lamps on the bridge and on the streets above made it easier to see each other .
As they sat down, Kyuhyun was rummaging through his pockets looking for any possible object, he pulled out a pen "this'll do" he proclaimed as he set it between them.
"Truth game?" Sungmin asked raising an eyebrow "are we twelve year old girls at a slumber party?"
"Do you have any other suggestions?" Kyuhyun asked. Sungmin didn't answer, proving Kyuhyun's point to which he gave a smug grin.
Kyuhyun spun the pen and the tip pointed toward Sungmin.
"Ask away" Sungmin said, not feeling worried about any questions.
"Hm…I'll start off easy" Kyuhyun smiled "Kimchi or Strawberry Milk?"
Sungmin laughed "What kind of question is that?… Kimchi" he answered, as he spun the pen.

The game went on for another five minutes or so, and the questions were irrelevant and childish. Even so, Sungmin found himself to enjoy getting to know little snippets about Kyuhyun's personality. However, Sungmin began to think that maybe this game would be perfect to get his question answered.

The next time it landed on Kyuhyun Sungmin sat up straight determined to ask, his curiosity started burning "Okay…" Sungmin started as he leant forward, not sure how to go about it "do you... Do you like boys or girls?" he finally asked.
Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow "Guys" he said without hesitation as a smile swept across his face.
"So you're g-" Sungmin started, feeling shocked at Kyuhyun's honesty, but Kyuhyun finished the sentence for him.
"Gay?… yeah" Kyuhyun laughed, he spun the pen landing on Sungmin, Kyuhyun thought for a moment "Is there anybody you like?"
Sungmin bit his lip in thought "hm… no girls have caught my eye yet" he admitted shrugging a shoulder "I guess that's what happens when you go to an all boys school" not bothering to spin the pen he asked "what about you?".
Kyuhyun shrugged "Yeah, I like someone. I can't decide how to go about telling him though…" he twisted his mouth and stood up, Sungmin stood too stretching his legs "I can't decide whether or not to tell him up-front… which could frighten him, or if I should just wait until he realizes that he likes me too" Kyuhyun shoved his hands in his pockets "the second option would be more hurtful to me I guess" he smiled nonetheless "it's a difficult dilemma" he breathed out a laugh.

Sungmin nodded and leant against one of the pillars of the bridge "sounds it…" he agreed "here's my advice, it's what my brother told me when I was thirteen and had the biggest crush on a girl…" he laughed at himself, before looking straight at Kyuhyun his "you have to be honest, otherwise they'll pass right by you… so go for it, make them yours" he told Kyuhyun "you have to go right up to him and tell him".

Kyuhyun took in the advice before blushing. He took a few steps towards Sungmin closing the distance between them completely.
He placed a finger underneath Sungmin's chin and lifted his face up.
"What… what are you doing?" Sungmin stuttered, as he was frozen in place.
"Taking a friends advice" Kyuhyun whispered into Sungmin's ear as he gently placed his lips to Sungmin's.


(END NOTE: Cliffhanger?... Yeah sorry)
(The events mentioned did not ever happen. I do not own the characters, they are their own persons. I only take credit for the storyline).
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