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Title: The Blame Game

Pairing(s): Kyuhyun & Sungmin (KyuMin)

Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama.

Warning(s): Swearing.

Rating: PG (may later become fluff/smut I'm not sure how brave I'll feel)

Summary: Eight years ago, it had been the worst summer of Sungmin's life, which lead to an incident that made Kyuhyun swear to be Sungmin's enemy for as long as they both should live. The reason Sungmin doesn't quite know. However, soon after Kyuhyun moved away which made Sungmin completely forget about the incident. He pushed it back so far in his mind, that he doesn't even know why he recognizes the name Kyuhyun when the same person from eight years before moves back and joins his class. This begins the enemies relationship as Sungmin still fails to remember what caused Kyuhyun's hatred to build up so much.

(Sidenotes: They attend and all boys boarding school.Sungjin is older than Sungmin. ALSO I've never written a fanfic before, let alone a chaptered one, it has also been about two years since I've written anything. So stick around maybe and it could get better thanks again).


Chapter 15

It was the morning after their return home from Jeju, that Sungmin woke up on the floor of someone else’s bedroom. He groaned “I miss my room” he propped himself up by his elbows, the early sun coming through the window and into his eyes he squinted, as he looked around to see the blonde mess of hair that belonged to his friend Hyukjae who lay peacefully and spread out on the bed.

Sungmin and Hyukjae had a late night study session, to catch up on what Sungmin had missed and to catch up on helping Hyukjae with the mountain of homework that had collected in his absence. It ended with Sungmin sleeping in Hyukjae’s bed, but obviously being kicked out of said bed.

He stood up stretching and glaring at Hyukjae as he felt a twinge of pain in his shoulder after sleeping on the floor. Sungmin scratched his head, and threw an alarm clock at Hyukjae as he left, just for an extra bit of revenge. Wearing a satisfied grin on his face, as he heard Hyukjae complain.

Sungmin shuffled his way sleepily towards his bedroom, when he finally reached his room he shuffled toward his bed before plopping down on it. He moaned and smiled as he stretched (rather cat-like) curling his body and twisting, loving the feeling that his muscles were finally able to relax. He finally found a comfy position, and decided that he would shut his eyes even if for a short while.

He laid there happy and content, until five minutes later his phone started to vibrate in the pocket of his jeans that he was still wearing, he sighed and reached in the pocket pulling the phone out. He opened the message and read:

<center>If this woke you up, good, kekeke ^^. I accidentally packed some of your clothes, I’ll bring them to your room soon. </center>

Sungmin frowned at the text “don’t you dare Cho Kyuhyun, I am not answering my door for you” he mumbled to himself, as he snuggled under his blankets.

“Sungmin-hyung” he heard being called from outside his room “you awake?”
Sungmin grunted “no!” he called in reply “I’m not awake for another ten minutes” he thought he could hear Kyuhyun chuckle slightly, before hearing the handle of the door wriggle then click.
“Yah” Kyuhyun called as he entered the room, he walked over to the desk before placing the pile of folded clothes on it. He walked over to Sungmin’s bed, noticing Sungmin buried beneath the cover. He sat down.
“Go away” Sungmin mumbled “I’m sleeping”.
Kyuhyun decided to annoy Sungmin some more (because that’s the kind of person he is) and so he leant back laying across Sungmin and stretching “I must admit, this bed is really uncomfortable, there’s a huge lump in the mattress” he said nonchalantly.
Sungmin - who was still beneath his covers - groaned “you’re heavy… get off”.
“Don’t want to” Kyuhyun proclaimed, folding his arms across his chest as he lay across Sungmin.
“Please, I’ll do anything” Sungmin said just to get him off.
“Anything?” Kyuhyun asked, intrigued.
“S-sure” Sungmin replied, still hoping for Kyuhyun to get off, the boy really wasn’t light.
“Hm” Kyuhyun mused “I know… Saturday night… come see the river with me?” he asked.
“The river?” Sungmin pondered, slightly amused that Kyuhyun would ask for something so simple “why do you want to go?”
Kyuhyun shrugged “it’s been a while since I’ve been. I want to go, but I don’t want to go alone”
Sungmin wriggled up slightly to uncover his face that started to get hot “why don’t you ask one of your other friends?”
“Siwon is busy, so is Ryeowook” Kyuhyun stated, he was also lying, he hadn’t asked anybody else.
“Okay” Sungmin agreed before giving the younger boy a look “now will you get off me”.
“Pinky promise that you’ll come?” Kyuhyun said as he held up his hand his pinky finger raised, Sungmin rolled his eyes at the childish method but gave in, linking his own finger with Kyuhyun’s; with some difficulty, as he was still laying down. With that Kyuhyun nodded satisfyingly as he pushed himself up, earning another grunt from Sungmin as he pushed down his stomach. He turned to look at Sungmin, and smiled.


“Any plans for this weekend?” Hyukjae asked Sungmin and Donghee as the three left their maths class.
Donghee shook his head “not me… what did you have in mind?”
Hyukjae shrugged “maybe going into town again, or we could go to a theme park” he suggested.
Donghee nodded “what about you Sungmin?” he asked nudging him in the side.
Sungmin twisted his mouth “I think I’m busy, I was going to see my eomma during the day. Then…” he paused, knowing the response he’d get from the other two, he sighed “I’m going to the river with Kyuhyun”
Donghee gave Hyukjae ’the look’ before giggling, the two nudged Sungmin in the side “you guys are too cute” Donghee cooed as he pinched Sungmin on the cheek.
Hyukjae smiled widely “we should go on a double date” he teased.
Sungmin rolled his eyes “you two are ridiculous” he shook his head and grabbed Hyukjae into a headlock.
“Yah!” Hyukjae complained “why don’t you do this to Donghee-hyung?”
“He’s my hyung… that’s why” Sungmin stated, squeezing his arm around Hyukjae’s neck before letting go, he looked at his two friends and laughed “it’s innocent, I’m straight and… so is Kyuhyun” he sounded a bit unsure at the last part, realising he didn’t know Kyuhyun’s orientation at all. But for arguments sake, he was going to assume that Kyuhyun was straight.

Hyukjae then waved to the other two as he made his way into his chemistry lesson. The other two waved, and walked towards their lab room.


Later that night, Sungmin was sat in his room, he looked at the completed pieces of homework, and now with nothing else to do he sat twirling side to side in his chair, the usual action that he did when he was thinking too much.
His mouth was contorted to the side in thought, something was bothering him more than it should.
He picked up his phone determined, and started texting:

<center>Kyuhyun… do you like girls or guys?</center>

He shook his head and erased the message before throwing his phone over to his bed. “I can’t ask him that” Sungmin muttered to himself. However, he continued talking to himself like a crazy person “if someone asked me… I could answer it right away” he proclaimed, he sat up straight slamming a fist into his other palm “I… Lee Sungmin… Like girls” he stated, “I think” he said almost involuntarily, the words even gave himself a shock.

With that he stood up, and whined as he dropped himself onto his bed burying his head into his pillow. Left to dwell in his confusion.


(END NOTE: This chapter is really short and not that interesting, Chapter 16... Will be. I promise :D)
(The events mentioned did not ever happen. I do not own the characters, they are their own persons. I only take credit for the storyline).
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