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 Title: The Blame Game

Pairing(s): Kyuhyun & Sungmin (KyuMin)

Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama.

Warning(s): Swearing.

Rating: PG (may later become fluff/smut I'm not sure how brave I'll feel)

Summary: Eight years ago, it had been the worst summer of Sungmin's life, which lead to an incident that made Kyuhyun swear to be Sungmin's enemy for as long as they both should live. The reason Sungmin doesn't quite know. However, soon after Kyuhyun moved away which made Sungmin completely forget about the incident. He pushed it back so far in his mind, that he doesn't even know why he recognizes the name Kyuhyun when the same person from eight years before moves back and joins his class. This begins the enemies relationship as Sungmin still fails to remember what caused Kyuhyun's hatred to build up so much.

(Sidenotes: They attend and all boys boarding school.Sungjin is older than Sungmin. ALSO I've never written a fanfic before, let alone a chaptered one, it has also been about two years since I've written anything. So stick around maybe and it could get better thanks again).

Chapter 14

Kyuhyun sighed as he felt a shift next to him, he unwillingly opened an eye to see Sungmin’s face just inches from his own. He’s eyes widened as he also felt a weight on his leg, causing him to feel at his leg to find Sungmin’s laying across it.

He bit his lower lip as he pushed Sungmin’s leg off, only to cause Sungmin to shift onto his back and smack his lips sleepily, Kyuhyun sighed, relieved he hadn’t woke up Sungmin.
Sungmin then threw an arm over Kyuhyun’s face to which Kyuhyun groaned and tilted his head to bite Sungmin on the elbow.
Sungmin retreated his arm and rubbed his elbow, his eyes still shut, he turned back to face Kyuhyun.
Sungmin’s next action shocked him, as he grabbed Kyuhyun’s hand and bit down on his fingers.
“Ow!” Kyuhyun yelped.

Sungmin grinned with his eyes half open “serves you right… you woke me up”.
“It doesn’t mean you can have me for breakfast” Kyuhyun complained rubbing his fingers.
“You started it” Sungmin retorted, and scowled before sitting up.
Kyuhyun copied his actions and poked his tongue out, whilst leaning back on his arms.
Sungmin grinned as he wrapped his arm around Kyuhyun’s neck in a iron-like headlock. He stood up with Kyuhyun still locked by his arm, Kyuhyun thrashed his arms at Sungmin “Yah! Let go” he shouted, letting out a small laugh as he spoke “please… I’m sorry” to which he was ignored and dragged out of the bedroom and through the apartment to the kitchen, slowly as Sungmin limped he winced at the pain in his ankle but he needed to punish Kyuhyun somehow, he really disliked being woken up.

Sungmin threw open the fridge and saw a piece of left over chocolate mousse, he dunked his free hand into the bowl, it was at this point Kyuhyun looked up “please… I’m begging you… don’t… I’m sorry” he was ignored again and Sungmin spread the chocolate treat all over the younger (but taller) males face. He released Kyuhyun, and started laughing hard as he saw Kyuhyun’s shocked face covered in mousse, Sungmin licked the remains of the mousse from his own hand.

“You’re dead” Kyuhyun threatened, as he wiped the chocolate mousse away from his eyes.
“Shit” Sungmin cursed, he limped hurriedly into the bathroom , he slammed the door shut and locked the door. Laughing again as he fell to the floor, holding his stomach.

There was a banging at the door “Sungmin” Kyuhyun said as innocently as possible.
“Yes?” Sungmin replied in the same tone.
“Open the door” Kyuhyun begged, as he shook the handle from the other side.
“I can’t do that” Sungmin giggled in reply.

It then went silent, for about thirty seconds. He could hear the sound of rummaging coming from the coat closet down the hallway before hearing footsteps approaching the bathroom door.
Then a metal-on-metal scraping sound rang through the bathroom from the door, it was then that Sungmin realised what Kyuhyun was doing.
“That’s cheating… no picking the locks” Sungmin yelled, slightly panicked at what Kyuhyun was going to do for revenge.
“There’s no rules” Kyuhyun retorted.
“I’m handicapped” Sungmin started trying to use his injury as an excuse “you can’t attack handicapped people”.
“Like I care” Kyuhyun scoffed, as the lock clicked “ah ha” he laughed as he slowly opened the door. Sungmin pushed himself to his feet, as he saw Kyuhyun leaning against the doorframe a yoghurt in his hand, he smirked.
“Please… don’t” Sungmin pleaded, laughter in his voice “I’m sorry”
Kyuhyun shrugged as he peeled the yoghurt pot lid back, and walked forward. Sungmin limped hastily forward trying to dodge his way pass Kyuhyun. But he was too slow, Kyuhyun caught Sungmin around the waist and poured the contents of the yoghurt pot over Sungmin’s head spreading it down onto his face.

Sungmin stood straight as the yoghurt dripped down his face, his face completely in shock “right” Sungmin proclaimed.
Kyuhyun looked proud of himself, as Sungmin stepped forward to grab hold of Kyuhyun’s t-shirt and then proceed to wipe his face on it “now we’re even” he stated.

After they had both showered and dressed themselves, they both sat down to eat breakfast.
“So where’s your brother?” Kyuhyun suddenly asked, taking a bite of his toast.

Sungmin looked up from the magazine he was reading “he works as a hotel manager, so he has to leave early” he took a sip of his coffee, before looking at Kyuhyun and laughing into his coffee mug.
“What is it?” Kyuhyun said with confusion in his voice.
Sungmin put his coffee mug down “your hair… has it always been so fluffy… and poofy” he said emphasizing the word poofy using his hands.
Kyuhyun felt his hair self-consciously “it’s not that bad… is it?” he whispered the last part, worried that all this time his hair had been making him look silly.
Sungmin shook his head “no… it’s cute, maybe it’s because it’s just been washed. I just never noticed it before” he smiled.
“Oh…” Kyuhyun sighed in relief, leaning back in his chair, smiling at being called cute.


“Kyuhyun… let’s stop for a bit” Sungmin whined as he hobbled his way behind Kyuhyun, his ankle was still hurting. But they still needed to complete their tasks and be at the hostel tonight, to prove that they had not been playing around for the past two days.
Kyuhyun sat next to Sungmin on the wall he had just placed himself on, Sungmin leant on him.
“Still hurting?” Kyuhyun asked.
Sungmin just nodded and shrugged “not as much… but yes, it hurts” he admitted.
“At least we found it” Kyuhyun said holding up his camera showing a picture of ‘Lotte Sauna’ they were sent to find on their task sheet.
Sungmin sat up and smiled widely “that was the last location too, right?”
Kyuhyun nodded “Yeah, we’re free until about 6:00pm tonight”
“Yay!” Sungmin cheered throwing his arms up in celebration, to which Kyuhyun smiled at him “I always knew you’d be the best partner”
“Yeah…” Kyuhyun paused “wait… that’s a lie”
“Okay, it was…” Sungmin laughed as he admitted it “but you are a good partner, you’re competitive. That’s why we’re probably ahead of everyone else” he smiled brightly, something he seemed to be doing a lot of lately.

After a while of resting the two decided to walk around the island a little bit more exploring the in’s and out’s, Sungmin knowing the sites but having no clue as to where they were was attempting to find them, much to his disdain he was wrong with most of his guesses as to where they could be. However, Kyuhyun being the smart-ass he was would point them both in the right direction.
They managed to see most of the sites they could possibly see, and so decided to make their way back to the hostel giving extra time for Sungmin to take some rest’s to give his ankle a break.

Reaching the hostel, Sungmin sighed in relief as he text his brother:

<center>We’ve reached the hostel now. Thanks for letting me and Kyu stay with you last night, it was fun. Let’s do it again sometime? Next time eomma will come. Thanks again, love Sungmin ^3^</center>

He hit the send button and looked up at Kyuhyun, “lets go in” he suggested.
Kyuhyun nodded in agreement and grabbed hold of Sungmin’s wrist as he lead the way into the hostel, setting themselves in the cafeteria.

Gradually, they saw members of their class file into the cafeteria in their pairs. Most out of breath, red in the face, sweaty and quite frankly… completely exhausted. They nodded and waved in acknowledgement.
“You find everything?” one of the boys - Sungmin believed to be called Park Jungu - asked.
Sungmin and Kyuhyun both nodded “you?” Kyuhyun asked.
“Just about” Jungsu laughed before turning back to his partner continuing their own conversation.

The rest of the day and night was uneventful The class ate, gave in their proof of completing all their tasks. Then they all turned in for the night, all pairings in a room together. Being the fourth time Kyuhyun and Sungmin had slept next to each other, they were no longer uncomfortable with it, in fact they both enjoyed each other’s company, even if very little words were spoken.

“Psst… Sungmin-hyung” Kyuhyun whispered.
“What…?” Sungmin mumbled, turning over to face the younger male.
Kyuhyun then opened his mouth to ask something then shut it, before blushing “n-nothing” he sighed biting his bottom lip.
“Kyuhyun” Sungmin whispered, his eyes still shut.
Kyuhyun hummed in reply.
“I’m cold… can you shut the windows?” Sungmin asked sleepily.
“They are shut” the younger male replied, just as sleepy.
“Hmm” was all Sungmin said as he moved closer to Kyuhyun resting his head against Kyuhyun’s chest “then be a friend, and be my radiator” Sungmin ordered, half asleep.
“My pleasure” Kyuhyun chuckled slightly “good night hyung” he smiled as he rest his cheek against Sungmin’s head, as they both finally gave into sleep.


(END NOTE: Hope this was okay... let me know)
(The events mentioned did not ever happen. I do not own the characters, they are their own persons. I only take credit for the storyline).
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